The problem with UHF frequencies
In Europe, UHF frequencies are commonly used in wireless technology. However, most of these frequencies have (as of 2012) been
released for such uses as digital television, among others. In the coming years it will be illegal to use certain frequencies in the UHF band. For more information check Rijksoverheid.

The Heida Translation Systems solution
Heida Translation Systems specialises in offering digital equipment that uses 2.4 Ghz frequencies, the same frequencies that are used in, for example, routers and wireless computer equipment. Just as in these devices, the signal is transmitted encrypted, meaning that there is no noise in the signal. This is what makes using these systems so unique.

Heida Translation Systems works with trusted partners in China. By importing directly from this source, we can offer reliable products for a very low price. Thanks to our good contacts in China, we can provide you with good products, for a good price!

At Heida Translation Systems we offer not only wireless translation equipment but also tour guide systems. These units can be supplied together with signal amplifiers, to give a greater range than the standard equipment.

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